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Work is now well underway on the new Café, Shop and Octagonal Walled Garden and despite the November rain the good weather we enjoyed during September and October, and a big effort from our builders means we are still on target to open at the start of June 2016 as planned.

We have finalised on our logo and branding for the Kitchen and Walled Garden and we think it has just the feel we wanted reflecting a country café and garden where you will find something a little bit out of the ordinary, we hope you like it!

The Octagonal wall is now taking shape and you can see what an amazing structure it is going to be, we definitely made the right decision to use mainly reclaimed materials in its construction as it has a distinctive Victorian appearance.TheLingholmKitchen_Logo_CoolGrey9_Solid

So far something like 40,000 reclaimed red bricks have been laid with about the same to go.

During a recent clear out in the old stables we came across the original arched Oak doors from the old entrance to Lingholm house (the old entrance was demolished in the 1950’s), 140 years old and the wood is in perfect condition and at 9ft high by 4ft wide we have decided they will make a great statement entrance to the walled garden and give a nice link to the past by re-using them over 50 years after they were removed from the house and laid up.


Planning for the layout of the Walled Garden was completed a few weeks ago and plants and seeds are already on order so we can start planting by early spring, much of the construction of the inside of the garden, paths and borders etc. depends on how the weather is over the winter and this will dictate how far on the gardens will be by next June, obviously we will only be at a starting point by then and it will take a couple of years to arrive where we want it to be.

By Spring we are hoping to get a team of local volunteers together to help our gardeners, we already have a few people who have said they want to help so if you fancy spending a few hours pottering about in a walled garden with a trowel please get in touch with us   at;gardening@thelingholmestate.co.uk .

The start of the roof is now on the café and shop building and the floor has just gone down, and for the first time it is possible to stand on the café floor and look down onto the walled garden, plans for the interior of the café and shop are coming together with some great ideas to make the most of the natural light the building will benefit from with a huge glass wall to one side and a glazed section running along the centre of the roof.

Planning for the new Lingholm Jetty for the Keswick Launch have now been submitted to the National Parks and subject to all going through we expect to be building the new jetty in conjunction with the Keswick Launch early in the new year, alongside this work has started on the new footpath which will lead from the cat Bells path to the walled garden and café ,and then down to the Lake, a big thank you to the National Parks “Fix the Fells” team led by Joe Cornforth for their help in getting the footpath laid, work that will be ongoing over the next few months.

IMG_2269On the Café front planning for the opening has now started in earnest, we have recruited an experienced café manager who has endless enthusiasm, some great ideas and shares our vision of making the Lingholm Kitchen a popular Lakeland destination, she is now busy organising sources of quality local produce, food and drinks that will make Lingholm somewhere people want to come back to.

On the shop side we are well underway identifying the range of products and giftware we will keep, and finding the suppliers that will make us that little bit different, but we are still looking and eager to hunt down those local artisan producers who have something a little different, so if you are making something you have a passion for in Cumbria please get in touch!

Anyway we have everything crossed that the weather is kinder to us over the coming months so we can keep on schedule , we will keep the blog updated every month now until we open and will keep putting new photos on as the building comes along.

Happy Christmas !!