Just in time for the colder weather as it sets in across the Lake District, we have reached another milestone – turning on the new biomass heating system. This is a real step forward for us. The old central heating system was very inefficient and there was only one control for the whole main house, including the holiday apartments so it was difficult to set a temperature where everyone was happy and it was a very expensive way to heat such a large house.

The wood from our own estate is too wet to use but we will be buying wood locally as fuel for the biomass system. As well as being much better for the environment it is more cost effective so helps us ensure Lingholm is a viable business long-term as well as a beautiful place to come to for holidays.

The biomass system uses wood to power the central heating and hot water system. The carbon dioxide emitted when this wood is burned is the same amount that was absorbed over the months and years that the plant was growing. As long as new plants continue to grow in place of the wood cut down, it makes this system very low-carbon, particularly as we are avoiding transport emissions by buying wood locally. We will be replenishing and managing our own woodlands to ensure future growth and we are creating a new woodland area in the grounds. To finish it off, each apartment now has new or restored radiators and its own temperature control so visitors can be as cool or toasty as they wish.

It has been a month of good news as we received planning permission to begin the proper renovations of the existing apartments and to create two new apartments. The renovations have begun with the stairway that leads to the apartments and we have opened up some hidden space and made the entrance feel more special as you walk in from the outdoors. One of the new apartments will be on the ground floor. This one we are thinking of calling The Old Kitchen and being on the ground floor is more easily accessible for those who wish to avoid too many stairs. In the main house, we are creating a luxurious apartment on the first floor called Lake View as it has spectacular views to Derwent Water. Lake View is the official honeymoon suite for weddings at Lingholm so will be a very special place for people to stay, including a roll-top copper bath. We have spent a lot of time planning every detail to give it that extra wow factor!

We are delighted the Honeymoon suite is being created as we are already fully booked for weddings in 2015! Our licence allows us 12 weddings a year and we have been amazed how quickly these were booked. This is excellent news and although it means 2015 will be extremely busy, we can’t wait! With the work on the gardens continuing, Lingholm will be an even more special place by 2015 and hopefully every couple will experience their dream wedding. This won’t detract from anyone coming on holiday though – there are plenty of accommodation options and space for everyone and we work hard to ensure everyone enjoys their time with us.

It won’t be long before Christmas preparations are underway….

Love Lingholm

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